Living Balance - A Journey to Wellness

'Living Balance' is an ever-changing, spiralling journey and a dynamic way of living which requires a commitment to self-responsibility, a holistic approach to being healthy and a desire to achieve one's potential in every dimension of life.

Most people sense that they are not made for a 'peak-hour' kind of existence. We seek calm more than chaos and yet we are more alive when we are challenged, pursuing a purpose and living a productive life. Is there a middle ground between boredom and burnout? Can we be alive to both sides of our nature? Is there a healthy balance between these apparent opposites that can transform our lives into something extra-ordinary?

It is our mission to help people explore these questions and to discover a healthy balance in life that leads to sustainable wellness.

"The journey to wellness requires a continuous path of learning and reaching out to one's potential. Success is not what we achieve at any moment in time but who we become while on the journey"


Our Services

Life Balance Profile

An online profile that measures your life balance in 8 Key Result Areas

  1. Purpose
  2. Time
  3. Money
  4. Activity
  5. Nutrition
  6. Attitude
  7. Relationships
  8. Relaxation

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Health Age Calculator

An online questionnaire that calculates 'Health Age' relative to chronological age by scoring lifestyle behaviours in areas such as exercise, nutrition & stress.

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*Please note: Both online profiles can be used to measure improvement in individuals, groups or organisations.

Courses, Workshops & Retreats

We provide a variety of courses, workshops and retreats that help people to achieve sustainable changes in lifestyle behaviour and thinking which results in less stress, more energy, increased productivity, improved quality of life and a measurable lowering of Health Age.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Our corporate programs include all of the 'Living Balance' Services, combined with leadership and team development experiences that result in improved performance & productivity, greater staff retention and a more 'Well Organisation'. Continuous improvement and the pursuit of personal and professional excellence become the norm.

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Life Coaching

Our coaches all have extensive experience coaching a variety of people from different walks of life in areas such as health, sport, business and personal goal achievement. We use the Life Balance Profile and Health Age Calculator to help individuals to produce a personal improvement plan. Life coaching sesions can be included as part of a Living Balance Package or can be organised as individual sessions when required.

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Our facilitators & coaches have authored a number of books on living your best life, overcoming obstacles to success, life balance and wellness. We also write regular articles and will be producing a number of personal & professional development resources in the future such as DVDs, podcasts and workbooks.

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